Thursday, 12 September 2013

Do you feel the love?

'I've been in love with love 
and the idea of something
Binding us together
You know that love is strong enough'

Music Illustration 
Listen to the track here :)

I'm nuts about you!
(PS: That's an Acorn)



The corn fell in love
He popped!

(Can't say i didn't warn you about the cheesiness xD)

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Happy Accidents :)

I've been planning to start a blog since FOREVER now. Most planned things never work out for me, not immediately anyway.

So last week i was on an unplanned holiday/trip to the tiniest state in India, Goa, to attend the Kyoorius Design Yatra with some really fun people!

Goa was not what i expected at all with its little yellow disco buses and happily high people at any given time of the day!

It was 5 days of PURE madness :D

I met my favorite children's book illustrator, Oliver Jeffers! He gave me an autograph too :D

Random doodles during the session 

The people who made it all worth it :)
(PS: The dress is TOTALLY on sale. I could never wear it again)